“I’ve never known a musician who regretted being one.”
– Virgil Thomson


The Workshop is the Heart of the Business

Violin, viola and cello repair and restoration

A violin workshop is the most important aspect to consider when looking for a partner in your musical journey. The trained hands of our workshop staff insure the instruments not only sound and look their best, but are also structurally pristine. Our repairs and larger restorations are completed to the highest standard.

We’re very proud of our workshop staff and the standard of quality they have set for our brand.

An Instrument in Need of Repair can be Stressful

We get it.  It’s your instrument – an extension of you and the vehicle for your creativity. When your instrument is in need of repair, or even just a routine tune-up, it can be stressful.

Rest assured that we have experts in our workshop with the skills and experience needed to have your instrument performing its best again.

No repair is too big or too small.

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From Our Clients

I would recommend this shop to anyone interested in buying or repairing a symphonic string instrument. The staff is always attentive and responsive. They have offerings at wide variety of price points, but you’ll always be treated like you’re spending a million. The repair services are honest. I’ve always felt that my concerns were addressed without forcing extra expenses.

Isaac B.

This place is beautiful. I stumbled in with a student violin that I thought was broken. Emily met me, examined my instrument, made a quick fix (adjusting the bridge) and then she gave me some care & feeding tips, since I’m completely new to the violin.

Now, I actually know how to tune & hold this contraption! Looking forward to learning the instrument. And I know that I can go back to Emily for help along the way. I really appreciate the helpful advice.

Andrea B.

“I was highly satisfied with my violin repair experience at Beau Vinci. They rehaired my bow, treated my case for bugs, and replaced my warped bridge. This was my first visit there, and I was instantly impressed with the friendly and knowledgeable staff. Even though I had my young boys with me in the shop, Emily did not rush me but took her time discussing what needed to be done. She was extremely patient and kind with my little boys who were curious and full of questions about the instruments in her shop. All of the work was completed beautifully. I simply could not believe the difference in tone with my new bridge. I was very pleased with all of the work that they did at a reasonable price. I will definitely be using them again for all of my violin needs!”


I had no idea what bad shape my violin was in! I had put off giving my violin a check up until my bridge broke and I had to take it in. The finger board was too low, the sound post hadn’t been adjusted in I don’t know how long! It is such a joy to play since visiting the BV shop !!! Much easier to get around the fingerboard especially in the higher positions. I actually sound pretty good now! Thank you Beau Vinci!!!!

Virginia S.

We look forward to seeing you soon!