“The best investment is in the tools of one’s own trade.” – Benjamin Franklin




What's next for you?


Renting a violin is ideal for first-time players unsure of their commitment. It’s also perfect if you’ve been playing for a little while on an instrument from a music store or Amazon, but are not financially ready to buy. Renting allows access to high-quality beginner instruments without the upfront cost. This way, you avoid sabotaging a beginner with a poor instrument and can learn on a top-notch violin, ensuring a better playing experience and increasing the chances of success.


It’s time to purchase a violin when the player is unlikely to quit in the next few years. There are various levels of instruments: beginner, step-up, intermediate, and professional. As you advance, the importance of professional guidance grows. A skilled expert can help match your instrument and bow to your skill level and preferences, ensuring the best playing experience and investment.


Avoid common mistakes by taking advantage of a complimentary consultation with a professional. We’ve helped thousands of players find their perfect instrument and bow. Whether for your child or yourself, trust our expertise to guide you. Schedule a consultation today to give yourself the best chance at success.

Why you'll love Beau Vinci...

Customer Service

Nobody matches players with the perfect instrument like we do. With over a decade of experience and intimate knowledge of our collection, we expertly pair musicians with violins and bows that elevate their performance. Trust us to find your ideal match and bring you to the next level.

The Beau Vinci 10 Point Set-up

At Beau Vinci Violins, our 10-point setup process ensures each instrument reaches peak performance. From string heights to bridge fitting and soundpost adjustment, we pursue perfection in every detail. This rigorous approach guarantees top-notch playability and tone. Feel and hear the difference a Beau Vinci setup makes.

Selection & Terms

With hundreds of instruments and bows in our collection, we know we have something that will make you smile. Our meticulously set up, Grade A+ condition instruments and bows are ready to impress. Plus, our generous trade-in program ensures as your skills advance, you’ll have access to top-notch choices without breaking the bank.

“I brought my very tiny 6-year old in today to be fitted for a violin. Emily was super kind and took the time to make sure she was comfortable with the size we selected, as well as show her how to properly handle and store her violin. The shop is beautiful, and I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful string instruments. We had a great experience and are happy to have Beau Vinci so close to us! I hope we’ll be patronizing them for many years.“
Kristin O.

“We just wrapped up our second violin purchase with Beau Vinci. I cannot say enough about the thoroughness, professionalism and patience that Emily has provided us. The details we were given about the violin’s history, the technical insight as to why it sounds like it does, along with the answers to all of our questions, surpassed every expectation we had. Emily has made us feel like family, and we look forward to many years of continued business with them. We highly recommend Beau Vinci Violins!”
Tim W.

“Emily (the owner) is top notch and cares deeply for her customers. The quality of the instruments and most importantly the service and responsiveness are second to none. She gives you her personal number and will respond and be of assistance even when the business is closed! (This level of service is priceless!) I have three children who play multiple instruments and we have purchased and rented from the big box/chain institutions. Their level of service is typically mediocre at best.”
Ronald H.

I purchased my Dan Foster cello at this shop several years ago and have continued to work with owner Emily and the lovely employees at this shop. They have a great selection of instruments and bows at good price points, and will always make sure to help you find what’s best for you. I just had a major repair done on my cello and am thankful I have Beau Vinci to trust for such an important thing. Highly recommend!
Margie W.

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