Violin Rental (Two months paid up front, $25 x 2)

Violin Rental (Two months paid up front, $25 x 2)


Violin Rental:

$19 Rental Payment + $6 Maintenance and Insurance + $1.94 Sales Tax = $26.94 per month.

You’re $19 will build store credit every month that you can apply towards an instrument purchase when you’re ready.

There is only a 2 month commitment. Just turn in your rental if you decide it’s not for you.



The sales price is a one time payment for August and September combined.

The regular rate consists of $19 rental fee + $6 maintenance and insurance + $1.94 tax for a total of $26.94 per month which will be drafted from your card on the first of every month begining October 1st.

Beau Vinci is quickly becoming a name synonymous with quality. Ensure you have an instrument that enables success through our easy online process.

  • Easy Online Ordering
  • Case & Bow Included
  • Teacher Preferred Quality
  • Each rental payment builds store equity
  • No Length of Contract
  • Teacher Required Supplies Available

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Free shipping is available for initial delivery for non-local customers. Size changes and returns are the responsibility of the customer. If you require shipping, please call during regular business hours.

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