Terms & Conditions

Beau Vinci Violins – Instrument Rental Program



The instrument shall remain the property of BVV indefinitely and ownership shall not be transferred to the customer at any time.

All instrument rental program payments made after the initial payment are due the 1st of every month. Payment is to be automatically debited on the 1st of the month or the first business day thereafter. Payments not received by the 7th of the month will be automatically assessed and added to the customer’s account as well as an additional $10.00 late fee. It shall be the customer’s responsibility to ensure that payment is made each month. It shall also be the customer’s responsibility to ensure that an up-to-date card number is kept on record with BVV. Rental payments are non-refundable and shall not be prorated on the final month of renting. The monthly rental payment schedule is as follows:

Violin Rental: $19.00 (rental payment) + $6 (insurance and maintenance) + sales tax

Viola Rental: $29.00 (rental payment) + $7 (insurance and maintenance) + sales tax

Cello Rental: $45.00 (rental payment) + $10 (insurance and maintenance) + sales tax

Size Changes:

In the event that the customer wishes to trade in the instrument for a larger size, payments will continue under the same rental agreement. Any damage charges less insurance coverage shall be due on the instrument being traded in must be collected before the new instrument is issued.

Damage and Loss:

The customer acknowledges receiving the instrument in good condition. Should any preexisting damage exist at the time of rental it shall be brought to the attention of BVV within 2 business days by the customer via email or in person visit during business hours. If no such communications are initiated you acknowledge that the instrument is in good working order and free of defect. If the instrument is damaged while in the customer’s possession, the customer shall be responsible for the cost of repair, billed at the regular BVV repair rates, up to the current value of the instrument less any insurance coverage. Should the sum of repairs exceed the current value of the instrument and/or the equipment is stolen while in the customer’s possession, the customer shall pay to BVV the full current value of the instrument less any equity accruements and less any BVV insurance compensation. Instrument values shall be billed as follows:

Violins = $1200

Violas = $1500

Cellos = $1950

Regular Maintenance:

BVV recommends that the instrument shall be evaluated and adjusted every 3-6 months. BVV shall provide for the upkeep and regular maintenance of the instrument case and bow as part of this agreement. Strings shall be replaced as part of the provided regular maintenance should they be frayed or tarnished. The make and brand of strings shall be chosen by BVV. Bows shall be replaced or rehaired should the bow suffer hair loss of 15% or more or should the bow not work properly.


Insurance coverage as provided by BVV is required in order to rent an instrument from BVV. The insurance will cover any and all damage to the instrument, case and bow. In the event of a fire or theft, BVV would require evidence in the form of a Fire Marshall’s report, police report, or a report issued by a school official. The customer would be free of any further liability. BVV does not replace cases for cosmetic damages, broken latches or ripped fabric as the purpose of the case is to protect the instrument and these items are not essential to this function.

Total Instrument Destruction and/or Loss:

Insurance shall not cover a lost instrument. Should an instrument be lost, the customer shall have 30 business days to pay BVV the instrument value listed above. Should an instrument be returned to BVV in a condition which BVV deems “un-rentable to future customers”, the customer’s insurance shall cover any and all damages and loss of the instrument. Any additional and/or subsequent instruments provided to the customer shall be done so at BVV’s discretion and will require a security deposit. Said security deposit will be held to cover any future losses and/or damages beyond regular ware at BVV’s discretion.


Should the monthly rental payment become more than 30 days past due, the customer agrees to return the instrument promptly and communicate with BVV and its agents concerning the recovery of any fees and/or unpaid balances. Should the customer not communicate with BVV a third party recovery service shall be retained to recover any fees due, including the full value of the instrument, case and bow if not returned and any fees charged to BVV by the recovery service.


The customer may terminate the rental contract at any time without further obligation provided the instrument is returned in suitable condition. Suitable condition shall mean that the instrument, case and bow have all of their essential parts and are free from cracks, breaks, rips or cosmetic damage. Small nicks and dings shall be deemed as acceptable normal wear at the discretion of Beau Vinci Violins.

Store Equity:

Should the customer wish to purchase an instrument from BVV after the return of the rental instrument, 100% of the rental fees may be applied toward up to 50% of the purchase price of instruments in the following price ranges:

Violins: $1,000 and above / Violas: $1,500 and above / Cellos: $2,000 and above. BVV does not guarantee to have instruments available at exactly those price points.

Any additional fees such as sales tax, insurance, maintenance and additional purchases paid shall not be applied to a purchase. Equity shall remain usable for up to 30 days after the termination of this rental agreement at which time said equity will no longer be useable. Equity may only be applied to instruments and not be applied to other items such as bows, cases etc. Equity may not be combined with other agreements. Example: If a customer rents a cello and a violin, and terminates both agreements, equity may not be combined to apply to one single purchase.

By checking that you agree with the terms and conditions on this website, you acknowledge that you have read and understand these terms and agree with all of the above terms of the rental agreement, to remain in effect until the instrument is returned to Beau Vinci Violins and all payments and fees are collected. If Beau Vinci Violins does not receive payment of the monthly rental fee by the 7th of the month, I authorize Beau Vinci Violins to debit my credit/debit card in the total balance of rental fee plus the additional late fee of $10.00 per month at any time. If said fees are not recovered by BVV, I understand that a collection agency may attempt to recoup them and I agree to pay the cost of said collection services in addition to the payments, fees, penalties and costs owed to BVV as per this agreement.