Violin Bridges – 6 things to look for

All violin bridges are not created equal. Here are 6 important qualities to look for to ensure that yours is done properly.

Back To School Checklist – Are You Ready For Class?

With the rise of the new school year, children are excited to get new pencils and notebooks while parents are scrambling to be sure they have everything on their back-to-school shopping list.  From paper and folders to hole punch reinforcements and correction fluid, parents and students alike don’t want to forget anything, but are you […]

How It’s Made: Violins

How do luthiers go about making violins and other string instruments? While the process is much more complex than a five minute video, check out a brief overview of what goes into making this intricate instrument.

What you need to know about your violin tailpiece, tail-gut and fine tuners.

Violin tailpiece, tail-gut and fine tuners. The tailpiece serves as an anchor for the strings as well as a spacer for each one. The main factors to consider in tailpiece selection are; material, size & shape, weight and proper placement. Common materials used are ebony, boxwood, rosewood, pernambuco, aluminum and  plastic synthetics.  Denser woods like […]

Winter Violin Damage – 3 ways to avoid it

Fall and winter are a tough time for the string family.  Sudden changes in temperature and generally lower humidity can cause problems and costly damage to your instrument.  Common issues that occur are: moving necks, unglued seams, rattles, buzzes and even cracks.  Here are a few steps you can take that will lessen the chance […]

Five things that determine violin string height, making your instrument easier (or harder) to play

Five things that effect violin string height making your violin easier or more difficult to play…   There are many factors that determine how beautiful a stringed instrument will sound when it is played, but there are also several factors that determine how easy or difficult it will be to play at all. One of […]