Scala Corta Cello

What is Scala Corta Cello?

Scala Corta Cello is a regular 4/4 size cello with an ultra-short string length of 655mm.

A regular 4/4 cello has a string length of 690mm-700mm and a regular 7/8 size cello has a string length of 675mm-680mm depending upon the model.

Is it a 7/8 or 3/4 size cello?

No, the body length is that of a standard 4/4 cello.

Can I use regular full size cello strings?

Yes, we have tried many different brands such as Larsen, Spirocore, Jargar and Kaplan, they all work well on the cello.

Why is the C peg higher in the pegbox than on regular cello?

The C-peg sits higher on the cello to avoid it touching your neck. The placement is possible through an elongated peg box- measured from the floor it actually sits 1 cm higher than the C-peg of a regular 4/4 cello.

Who should be considering Scala Corta cello and why?

Anyone can play it. Scala Corta is especially comfortable for people with small hands, short fingers, or arthritis.

How long will it take me to adjust my intonation?

It only takes a few minutes to adjust to the shorter string length.

I understand there is a carbon fiber rod installed in the neck of the cello, why?

Because we want the neck as thin as possible, we install carbon fiber rods to make it stiffer for longevity. Another positive side effect is a better body resonance.

What is the advantage of using a flaxwood fingerboard?

Ebony is already a protected species, unfortunately due to illegal harvesting practices such as poaching ebony from National Parks it becomes more endangered. It is also harder to find good ebony for cello fingerboards. Flaxwood is manmade in Finland from wood particles and special resin. It will not twist or otherwise change its shape like some ebony does due to irregular grain lines and imperfections.

Why do all of the Scala Corta celli come with New Harmony end pins?

New Harmony endpins have been used by the most discerning cellists for a long time. The plug design and the super sharp tip on the carbon fiber rod make this endpin the best on the market, and they are made in the USA.

Is Scala Corta a totally new idea?

Not really, Italian instrument makers such as Gasparo Da Salo of Brescia have been making instruments with varied string lengths as early as the 1590s. The standardization of string length was introduced in the advent of the industrial age to stream line mass production of stringed instruments in France and Germany.

Where can I try one out?

You can look up the dealer list on the Scala Corta website and contact your nearest dealer. We also have a list of Scala Corta owners that may live in your area and are willing to let you take a look at their Scala Corta if the nearest dealer is too far away.

I understand the cello is sold as an outfit with carbon fiber case, why?

We want the cello as protected as possible. Standard 4/4 cases are not a good enough fit for the cello, so we decided to have a light weight case made for it.

If you are interested in trying a Scala Corta, fill out the form below and we’ll contact you to answer any questions and schedule a time that you can try one.