Violin – Berlin c. 1895 – $6500

This instrument is typical of the violins emanating from Berlin at end of the 19th century. They were often antiqued. Although this particular fiddle is over one hundred years old, it is still in excellent condition. Ironically, it would have looked virtually this old the day it was made. This violin was acquired from the estate of a deceased German conductor living in Roswell, Georgia. It was purchased along with a French bow from the same period. It is valued at $6500 based on what we know; it was built in Berlin c.1895 and held in the possession of knowledgable music professionals.

Many players and collectors prize the instruments made in Berlin during this period. They often have a unique personality as compared to instruments emanating from the Markneukirchen or Mittenwald makers, two other major centers of German making at the turn of the century. The tone is warm and balanced with an even production of overtones on the low and high end that do a great job of supporting the primary frequency. While it has a strong projection, it lacks the scratch or crunch common to instruments built to project at high levels.

It is built in the style of a Stradivarius. The varnish is a deep orange brown and speaks to the antiquity and the time period of which it was made. The materials are of exceptional quality. The one-piece back is beautifully flamed with matching ribs. The top is made from an alluring piece of spruce with very even growth. The ebony fittings are of the highest quality and are comfortable to the touch, giving this instrument a comfortable feel the moment you rest your chin.

This violin is a joy to view, hear and play. We invite you to visit our shop and experience this delightful gem.

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Large View of Front

Large View of Back

Large View of Side