Doug Cox Viola 2009 – Matteo Gofriller

Doug Cox Viola #644 – 2009 – Matteo Gofriller.

I believe that a maker’s personality can be heard in the instruments they create.  Although I’ve never spent time with Douglas Cox, I would like to.  I know this from playing this particular viola, made by Doug in 2009.  It’s sound is warm, inviting, and refined, but not the snooty kind of refined that knows where the salad fork goes.  This viola has a smooth, round sound that has no crunch or abrasiveness to it.  Some instruments sound like there are many parts working together.  This viola sounds like it is carved from one solid piece of wood that only resonates the tone you intend.  It’s almost as if it knows what tone you want, and it plays it for you.  It’s an open “ahhh” sound as opposed to a nasal “eee” sound.  Even if you’re not a violist, come play this instrument, I assure you that you won’t want to stop.

Physical Description:

The viola bears the facsimile label “Matteo Gofriller / Vendig 1716”, and on the opposite side the label of its maker, “Douglas C. Cox, Brattleboro, Vermont, 2009 #644”.  It is branded and initialed on the inside.  It is styled after the work of Matteo Gofriller.  It is made of well aged North American grown wood.  The back is cut on the slab from one piece of New England maple.  The ribs are of maple similar to the back.  The neck is cut on the quarter of similar maple.  The table is of two pieces of Engelmann spruce of regular medium-narrow growth.  The varnish is of a medium brown color and is shaded and imitated.  The fittings are of boxwood with white trim.  It is priced at $22,000.



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