ThePianoGuys Bach Cello Suite for One Man Octet

We love to see people trying new things and having fun.  So check out “ThePianoGuys” rendition of this Bach Cello Suite.  Hopefully, it will inspire you to produce your own multi-track creation and share it with us.  Click here to check out another awesome multi-track arrangement by Craig Butterfield.  Enjoy.

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Craig Butterfield performs “Made in France” for Bass Ensemble

Craig Butterfield performs all parts of his arrangement of Biréli Lagréne’s “Made in France”.

We want to hear from you!  With the wide range of technological tools that are now at our fingertips, it’s never been easier to create new compositions and arrangements.  We would like to challenge you to arrange and record an original composition, arrangement or just a multi-track jam session.  Send us a link and we’ll post it on our blog.


Arvo Part’s “Fratres” performed by Repin and Lugansky

It’s always so exciting to find new music that moves you.  Maybe it’s virtuosic, awe inspiring or just plain fun, but it’s the kind of video you show to your to friends.

Please share your favorite cool videos with us.  Reply or comment to this post with a video that you just couldn’t stop watching or showing your friends.

Here’s Arvo Part’s Fratres for violin and piano performed by Repin and Lugansky.


The Goat Rodeo with Yo-Yo Ma

Whether you’re a performer or an enthusiast, being exposed to new music broadens the mind and soul.  Here’s something you may enjoy.

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