Vitamin String Quartet’s Orchestral Arrangement Of The Black Keys

Vitamin String Quartet (VSQ) performs orchestral arrangements of popular music from Adele’s Skyfall to the score from The Nightmare Before Christmas. This is VSQ performing their rendition of The Black Keys’ Gold On The Ceiling.

Fourth Of July Traditions

From barbecue picnics to sparklers and lawn chairs, Americans love their fourth of July traditions. While you might still be hung up on the neighborhood parade or your aunt’s secret potato salad recipe, there’s a tradition you may not even know you’re a part of:  Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture as the unofficial soundtrack of Independence Day. Hear […]

Typewriter Symphony Orchestra! While the Voces Para La Paz Orchestra performs, soloist Alfredo Anaya taps away on his manual typewriter and a bell, adding a new level of creativity to the piece. Sure to make you laugh!

Orchestral Music Festivals Across The Nation

Looking for some great orchestral music festivals this Summer? From Philip Glass to Yo-Yo Ma, the variety of performers and venues span a great spectrum. Here’s a list of the top festivals from coast to coast to get you started on your Summer search.

Mozart’s Instruments Come To America

While Mozart’s music has been enjoyed  by people across the globe, Mozart himself never got the chance to come to America in his lifetime. Thankfully, his violin and viola recently received the chance and traveled transatlantic for the first time. Performing in Boston and the New England area, the two instruments have struck quite a […]

Benedict Cumberbatch As Sherlock Holmes On The Fiddle

For BBC’s series, Sherlock, actor Benedict Cumberbatch needed to learn to play the violin to properly portray his character, Sherlock Holmes. To do so, violinist Eos Chater was hired to be his coach. Through her time with Cumberbatch, Chater was proud to be a small part of the show and had many great experiences on […]

Julia Fischer and Daniel Muller-Schott perform the Handel-Halvorsen Passacaglia

As German violinist Julia Fischer and cellist Daniel Muller-Schott perform the gorgeous Handel-Halvorsen Passacaglia, their passion for the piece shines through in the quality of their performance.

Game of Thrones Theme Cello Cover

This is for all of our Game Of Thrones fans! Cremaine Booker has recorded the theme on his new cello. Be sure to watch and like!


This one definitely deserves video of the month.  Talk about overcoming obstacles…

What you need to know about your violin tailpiece, tail-gut and fine tuners.

Violin tailpiece, tail-gut and fine tuners. The tailpiece serves as an anchor for the strings as well as a spacer for each one. The main factors to consider in tailpiece selection are; material, size & shape, weight and proper placement. Common materials used are ebony, boxwood, rosewood, pernambuco, aluminum and  plastic synthetics.  Denser woods like […]

Winter Violin Damage – 3 ways to avoid it

Fall and winter are a tough time for the string family.  Sudden changes in temperature and generally lower humidity can cause problems and costly damage to your instrument.  Common issues that occur are: moving necks, unglued seams, rattles, buzzes and even cracks.  Here are a few steps you can take that will lessen the chance […]

Holiday Gift Ideas for Violin Players

Holiday Gift Ideas for String Players Raise your hand if you love figuring out what to get everyone for the holidays… hello?  Here are some ideas for every budget. A home-made holiday CD : $0 Whether you’re a professional or just getting started, your friends and family would love to have a CD of you […]