Violin: antiqued brownish-red with rosewood fittings – $3800

This deep brownish-red violin has been beautifully antiqued and possesses a warm glow.  It’s one piece maple back  is flamed with a moderate, narrow figure and a grain that spreads evenly across the back.  It’s rosewood fittings are of the highest caliber and it’s set-up has received the utmost attention.  This instrument has a very clean, round sound; not too bright and not too dark.  It’s ring is very subtle and the overtones are equally subtle.  It’s straight to the point without being the least bit abrasive.  Priced at $3800, it has as much or more personality than any instrument in it’s price range.  It’s visually intriguing, a pleasure to play and produces a consistant and reliable tone that you’ll want to hear again and again.

Click here for zoomable view of front

Click here for zoomable view of back

Click here for zoomable view of left side

Click here for zoomable view of right side