How It’s Made: Violins

How do luthiers go about making violins and other string instruments? While the process is much more complex than a five minute video, check out a brief overview of what goes into making this intricate instrument.

Lindsey Stirling: Modern American Violinist

Lindsey Stirling has been playing violin for twenty years, but in her own unique style. While many thought the world had “no use for a dancing dubstep violin player,” Stirling went and proved them wrong by developing a world wide online fan base from Legend Of Zelda remixes to Phantom Of The Opera mash-ups.

Her most recent composition, “Crystallize”, received over 62 million views on YouTube, thanks to her online fans.

Most recently she’s been composing her own album, complete with a cover infused with her style.

Here is Stirling’s newest composition, “Crystallize.”

Read more about her here.


Vitamin String Quartet’s Orchestral Arrangement Of The Black Keys

Vitamin String Quartet (VSQ) performs orchestral arrangements of popular music from Adele’s Skyfall to the score from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

This is VSQ performing their rendition of The Black Keys’ Gold On The Ceiling.

Fourth Of July Traditions

060417-N-8157C-162From barbecue picnics to sparklers and lawn chairs, Americans love their fourth of July traditions. While you might still be hung up on the neighborhood parade or your aunt’s secret potato salad recipe, there’s a tradition you may not even know you’re a part of:  Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture as the unofficial soundtrack of Independence Day.

Hear more about it from David Mugar, executive producer of the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular, and Keith Lockhart, the Boston Pops’ music director, here.

Typewriter Symphony Orchestra

While the Voces Para La Paz Orchestra performs, soloist Alfredo Anaya taps away on his manual typewriter and a bell, adding a new level of creativity to the piece.

Sure to make you laugh!

Orchestral Music Festivals Across The Nation

Looking for some great orchestral music festivals this Summer? From Philip Glass to Yo-Yo Ma, the variety of performers and venues span a great spectrum. Here’s a list of the top festivals from coast to coast to get you started on your Summer search.

Mozart’s Instruments Come To America

While Mozart’s music has been enjoyed  by people across the globe, Mozart himself never got the chance to come to America in his lifetime. Thankfully, his violin and viola recently received the chance and traveled transatlantic for the first time. Performing in Boston and the New England area, the two instruments have struck quite a frenzy among enthusiasts and performers alike. Even after all these years, the awe of Mozart’s talent wrapped up in a violin has not lost its interest.